Rankings Explained

Men, Women and Quad Ranking

The UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Rankings are calculated by combining the points of the top nine (9) tournaments for men, top eight (8) tournaments for women and top seven (7) tournaments for quads, based on a 52 week roll-over period. All players must have competed in a minimum of two events and have earned points from the two events to obtain a ranking.

For more information on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Rankings, please see the below extract from the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Rules and Regulations.

Junior ranking

Junior girls and boys (Under 18) are now ranked based on their combined junior and senior ranking points. The junior ranking points are earned at selected junior events while the senior ranking is made up of points earned on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour, based on the official UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Ranking for men and women.

From 2012 there has been a greater range of Junior tournaments on the circuit with a select number of 'Grade A' tournaments which carry greater ranking points than other events on the circuit. The Cruyff Foundation Junior Masters will remain as the most important event of the year and is held in Tarbes, France, inviting the top ranked boys and girls.