Quad Classification

Classification Tournaments for 2017

Detailed below are the Classification Events which have been confirmed for 2017. This list will be updated with new Classification Events as they are confirmed, so please continue to check here for updates, or contact Karen Shepley at karen.shepley@itftennis.com for further details.

               - 12th August,  Gross-Sieghartz, Austria - CANCELLED

               - 9th & 10th September, Fukuoka, Japan

               - 4th & 5th November, Aracaju, Brazil

               - 12th November, Bath, UK

If you would like to know more or you would like to book onto any of these events, please email karen.shepley@itftennis.com .Please note there are limited places available at each event, so these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

The rules regarding wheelchair tennis classification can be found in the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Classification Manual, which can be found at the bottom of this page. In order to play in the quad draw on an International level, a player must apply to the ITF for quad status.

Classification for quad status happens periodically throughout the year at tournaments determined in advance by the ITF. If a player wishes to be classified they must inform the ITF of their intention. Classification will only occur when there are a minimum number of players to be classified at any single tournament. Classification tournaments will be announced on the ITF Wheelchair Tennis website.

A player can also apply to register for quad 'P' (Provisional) Status throughout the year, but applications must be received at least three months prior to any event the player wishes to enter. The Quad Registration Form can be also be accessed at the bottom of this page.

On receiving the Quad Registration Form, the ITF office will pass this on to the ITF Sports Science and Medicine Commission, who will decide whether to allocate the 'P' status based on the medical information contained in the form.

'P' Status limits the number of tournaments a player can participate in each year and also prevents the player from entering Super Series, Grand Slam, BNP Paribas World Team Cup and Paralympic events.


The ITF Sports Science and Medicine Commission appoint Classifiers, who are individuals with formal training in neuromuscular evaluation and testing. Classifiers must have experience in the evaluation of individuals with physical disabilities. They must also have knowledge of wheelchair tennis and the willingness to increase their knowledge through observation and study of the sport.

List of current Classifiers:
- Lynda Daley
- Kelly Parr
- Greg Ungerer
- Peer Van de Riet

Quad Draw Player List

Please refer to the pdf document below entitled 'Quad Draw Player List 2017' for a full list of the current C-Status and P-Status Quad players.