ITF Wheelchair Tennis Committee

The duties and powers of the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Committee are as follows:

- To manage the day-to-day administration of wheelchair tennis.
- To ensure uniform application of, and compliance with, the Rules, Regulations and  Code of Conduct
- To administer the funds of wheelchair tennis within the financial framework of the ITF
- To report to the Board of Directors on all financial matters
- To undertake other duties as laid down in the Handbook
- To submit regular reports to the Board of Directors
- To decide any appeals or disputes in whatever manner they deem to be appropriate and whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties


Chairman: Mr Martin Corrie (GBR/ITF Board of Directors)
Committee Member: Mr Robin Ammerlaan (NED)
Committee Member: Mr Curtis Bender (USA)
Committee Member: Mr Iqbal Bin Issack (SRI)
Committee Member: Mr Miguel Irigoyen (ESA)
Committee Member: Mr Daisuke Kitahara (JPN)
Committee Member: Mr Jean-Pierre Limborg (FRA)
Committee Member: Mr Sani Ndanusa (NGR)
Committee Member: Ms Janet Petras (CAN)

Head of Wheelchair Tennis: Alistair Williams (GBR)

Classification Taskforce 2017

The Classification Taskforce was created in 2017 to review our existing classification system, understand the requirements and impact of complying with the IPC’s new Classification Code and make recommendations to the Committee in the interests of the sport and in order to achieve IPC Code compliance.

The Taskforce will complete their work by October 2017 and an overview paper with recommendations will be provided to the Wheelchair Committee at their meeting in November.

The following individuals comprise the Classification Taskforce:

Chair: Sue Wolstenholme (GBR), Ex-Officio Wheelchair member of ITF Sport Science & Medicine Commission
Taskforce Member: Dr Stuart Miller (ITF), ITF Senior Executive Director, Development & Integrity
Taskforce Member: Dr Maarten Moen (NED), Dutch Team Chief Paralympic Medical Officer, tennis and wheelchair tennis tournament physician, internationally published sports scientist  
Taskforce Member: Lynda Daley (GBR), Wheelchair tennis Classifier
Taskforce Member: Christo Kok (NED), Member of ITF Wheelchair Tennis Committee
Taskforce Member: Janet Petras (CAN), Member of ITF Wheelchair Tennis Committee
Taskforce Member: Rick Draney (USA), Former wheelchair tennis player


Strategy Taskforce 2017

The wheelchair tennis Strategy Taskforce was formed to review the current state of the game and start the process of ensuring we have a plan for long term growth as well as a robust governance structure that embraces all key groups, most importantly the player community.

The group will report initial recommendations to the Committee in November 2017.

The following individuals comprise the Strategy Taskforce:

Chair: Kris Dent (ITF), Senior Executive Director, Professional Tennis
Taskforce Member: Esther Vergeer (NED), Former player; Tournament Organiser
Taskforce Member: Curt Bender (USA), Member of ITF Wheelchair Tennis Committee
Taskforce Member: Jason Harnett (USA), US Tennis Association (USTA)
Taskforce Member: Holger Losch (RSA), Tournament Organiser
Taskforce Member: Sascha Miller (AUS), Tennis Australia (TA) and Tournament Organiser (Australian Wheelchair Open)
Taskforce Member: Nick Taylor (USA), Player (current)
Taskforce Member: Marjolein Buis (NED), Player (current)
Taskforce Member: Jean-Pierre Limborg (FRA), French Tennis Federation (FFT)
Taskforce Member: Geraint Richards (GBR), Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)/Tennis Foundation
Taskforce Member: Jackie Nesbitt, ITF representative; Executive Director, ITF Circuits


International Wheelchair Tennis Association (IWTA)

In 1998, the International Wheelchair Tennis Federation (IWTF) was fully integrated into the ITF, making it the first disabled sport to achieve such a union at an international level.

In order to maintain links with former IWTF member nations, which include National Disability Organisations, National Wheelchair Tennis Associations and National Tennis Associations, the International Wheelchair Tennis Association (IWTA) was formed.

The IWTA was dissolved as of 31 December 2012.

Click here for a list of National Associations.

Classification Panel

The terms of reference of the Panel are set out below:

- To determine eligibility matters in accordance with the Rules of Wheelchair Tennis and/or to appoint classifiers to adjudicate eligibility to play wheelchair tennis and quad tennis.

- To consider applications from players to register as a quad player and determine whether a player is eligible to play in the Quad Draw or whether a quad tennis classifier(s) should assess such player.

Classification Panel Members:
Brian Hainline
Babette Pluim