NECNEC, one of the global information and communications technology leaders, was the title sponsor of the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour until the end of 2013 and is the title sponsor of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, the the year-end showcase event for the top 8 ranked men, women and top 4 ranked quad singles players.

The NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour originated in 1992 with 11 international tournaments. Since its inception, the Tour has grown in size and popularity and has spread across all continents.

The start of NEC’s sponsorship of wheelchair tennis was a milestone in the development of the sport. NEC's interest in wheelchair tennis began at the exhibition on the final day of the Federation Cup by NEC in Nottingham, Great Britain in 1991. The Social Contributions Office offered wheelchair tennis a grant, which was to prove instrumental in the development of wheelchair tennis and particularly the NEC Tour around the world.
NEC’s continued sponsorship allowed the formalisation of the international circuit, which became known as the NEC International Wheelchair Tennis Circuit, and subsequently the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour. With a formalised structure in place, the international ranking also became official and this in turn led to the crowning of the first Wheelchair Tennis World Champions at the end of 1991.

NEC is very proud to have been a partner of the International Tennis Federation through the support of the Wheelchair Tennis Tour and the Masters since the early 1990s, as part of our social contribution programs.

Tennis can be enjoyed among people with and without disabilities; this is what makes it a most splendid sport. Sport also increases disabled people's fitness.

The ideals behind the ITF's Wheelchair Tennis Tour around the world correspond to NEC's Corporate Philosophy: to strive through businesses such as our IT-network integrated solutions and semiconductor solutions to contribute to the realization of a richer society with deepened mutual understanding between people worldwide.

When NEC started to sponsor this sport, there were only 21 tournaments in 13 countries. However, it now has about 167 events in over 46 countries. This success would not have been possible without the ITF's dedicated efforts.

NEC is striving hard to create an information society friendly to humans and the earth, as set forth in NEC Group Vision 2017. Being one of the leading global ICT companies, ICT for everyone is at the core of NEC’s beliefs. But, to create the society we envision, meaningful community involvement is needed in addition to business pursuits. Sponsoring wheelchair tennis leads to a society with much more diversity. And sports for everyone is as important as ICT for everyone. Those are key reasons NEC has been sponsoring wheelchair tennis for many years, said Nobuhiro Endo, President, NEC Corporation.

-Provide opportunities for thousands of people with physical disabilities to compete in professionally organised tennis events.

-Offer high intensity competition and excitement for men, women, quad and junior players from recreational to professional levels.

-Give wheelchair tennis players rightful recognition as top athletes.

-Increase awareness about people with disabilities throughout the world.

-Create lifetime opportunities for athletes to enjoy and practice a sport with able-bodied and disabled opponents.

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