Cruyff Foundation

Johan Cruyff Foundation logoThe Johan Cruyff Foundation supports sport projects for children worldwide. Special attention is being paid to children with a disability, although they also provide opportunities for those without diabilities.

Children have the right to play sports, as stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Cruyff Foundation believes that through sports, children build up social skills, learn how to win and lose and how to develop tactics and strategy. As a result children develop self-confidence and a sense of achievement. But mainly sports are fun.

Projects supported by the Cruyff Foundation include:

- Athletics and soccer for children with a mental or physical disability

- Horse riding for people with a disability

- Projects like ice-skating, wheelchair basketball, swimming, skiing and golf

- Different education- and health projects

- Cruyff Courts

“As a player I always believed in the power of working together, in bringing good people and groups in contact with each other in order for them to work as a team,” Johan Cruyff.

The Wheelchair Tennis Development Fund (WTDF) fits the philosophy and activities of the Cruyff Foundation. The project offers chances to disabled youth in less developed countries. Therefore the Cruyff Foundation started to support the WTDF in 2003 and has been assisting this ITF project since then.

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UNIQLO are the title sponsor of the Wheelchair Tennis Tour and the Wheelchair Doubles Masters. NEC are an Official Partner of the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour and title sponsor of the annual NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, while BNP Paribas and the Johan Cruyff Foundation both sponsor major annual events:



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