Brad Parks

The Brad Parks Award is presented to an individual or organisation that has made a significant contribution to wheelchair tennis on an international basis. Usually this contribution will be over several years.


2017      Rick Draney (USA) Rick Draney (USA)

2016      Esther Vergeer (NED) 

2015      David Hall (AUS) 

2014      Stig Ericson (SWE)

2013      Martin McElhatton (GBR)

2012      Monique Kalkman (NED)

2011      Jean-Paul Cournet (FRA)

2010      Chantal Vandierendonck (NED)

2009      Jean-Pierre Limborg (FRA)

2008      Kotaro Shibata (JPN)

2007      The Cruyff Foundation (NED)

2006      Bruce Karr (USA)

2005      Sue Wolstenholme (GBR)

2004      Ruurd de Boer (NED)

2003      Aoi Kobayashi (JPN)

2002      Randy Snow (USA)

2001      Pierre Fusade (FRA)

2000      LTA Trust (GBR)

1999      Brian Tobin (AUS)

1998      Invacare (USA)

1997      Graeme Watts (AUS)

1996      NEC (JPN)                 

1995      KNLTB (NED)

1994      ITF (GBR)

1993      Brad Parks (USA)


Individual/Organisation specification

- An individual/organisation with commitment to achieve the very highest standards of delivery.

- The individual/organisation should demonstrate a contribution to the sport in a number of areas or an outstanding contribution in one country/area of work over a number of years.

- The individual/organisation should be an ambassador for the sport of wheelchair tennis.

- The individual/organisation should have made a significant contribution to international wheelchair tennis.


The nomination should demonstrate the following:

- The Results of the work of this individual/organisation.

- The range of activities in which this individual/organisation is involved.

- The commitment of the individual/organisation.

Nomination Process

The ITF Wheelchair Tennis Committee will evaluate the nominees and make a recommendation to the ITF Board of Directors to make the final decision.


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