09 Oct 2013

Wheelchair Tennis Development Fund Project launched in Estonia

News Article

The first visit to Estonia was conducted at the end of September to commence the Wheelchair Tennis Development Fund project in the country.  Estonia is a country that only recently started up wheelchair tennis, however it has grown quickly, benefitting from the support of its neighbours.

A visit to a rehabilitation centre in Tallin commenced activity and following a short tour of the centre participants and activity leaders from the centre took part in a session.  The session consisted of a mixture of players who play more regularly to those who were still in the introductory stage to the sport. Basic mobility and strokes were introduced to the participants. 

The following day saw a number of schools attend introductory clinics.  For many of these participants this was their first experience of wheelchair tennis and there was great enthusiasm and enjoyment from all participants.  There was an eagerness to stay involved in the sport and further progress their skills.

Clinics were held with existing players.  Some of these players had only been involved in the sport for a short period, whereas others were playing more regularly. During the day an introduction to mobility, all the different strokes and basic tactics were conducted. 

The WTDF in partnership with the Cruyff Foundation will have conducted work in 39 different countries around the globe.