28 Nov 2012

Greg Crump and Keegan Oh Chee visit Thailand and Malaysia

News Article

Greg Crump and player ambassador Keegan Oh Chee visited Thailand and Malaysia on the final visit to the countries as part of the newly named Wheelchair Tennis Development Fund (former Silver Fund) trip.

This was the culmination of two years work as the final visit was paid to these countries as part of the joint project between the Cruyff Foundation and ITF. Greg Crump began his trip at the Asian Regional Coaching Conference where he presented to the coaches present on wheelchair tennis. Following this he undertook a variety of clinics with both beginner and intermediate players in the Bangkok region.

Players had the opportunity to receive technical and tactical advice from Greg Crump to help them progress their game. Greg Crump met up with the local associations and also visited Pattaya to undertake activity there.

Activity in Malaysia occurred in Kuala Lumpur. The first day here was spent visiting two rehabilitation centres and to undertake some clinics. The facilities here were good and leave the potential for a successful programme to remain.

Greg and Keegan also visited the national tennis centre to give some players who were already playing to have the guidance and benefit from Greg’s expertise. Once again the local associations were met along with meetings with the media and press, highlighting the programme within the region and hopefully resulting in more people coming to join in with the programme.