13 Jul 2012

BLOG: Johan Cruyff Foundation Junior Camp for the Americas

News Article

Krystal Kelly (USA) and Lizbeth Soto (MEX)

Day 4

Today was finals day in the tournament. In the girls' final Lizbeth Soto (MEX) played Krystal Kelly (USA).

Krystal won 63 62 after a good match. It's worth mentioning that Lizbeth is only 13 years old and is already breaking records for Mexico.

In the boys' final we had Chris Herman from the USA against Gonzalo Pascual from Argentina, Chris won 63 61.

We've had a great tournament this year, with some very young players in the finals. Hopefully everybody will come back next year.

We had dinner at the community centre where all the kids had time to mingle and talk with each other...and eat hamburgers and hot dogs...yes !!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the camp.

Tom van Doren

Day 3

En este tercer dia se realizo el dia cultural donde todos los participantes al campamento tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar el Mundo Marino (Sea World).  Este dia soleado y fresco ayudo a los jugadores realizaran un recorrido por el parque conociendo la vida marina que habita (delfines, focas, ballenas).  Este dia fue inolvidable para todos los participantes.  Es de destacar la accesibilidad que posee el parque para que la gente en silla de ruedas pueda hacer uso de las instalaciones.

Today the players were taken on an unforgettable cultural day out to Mundo Marino (Sea World) where they got to see and learn about marine life. The park should be commended for it’s fantastic wheelchair access facilities..- Giovanni Rangel

This day was awesome! It was our day off and we went to SEA WORLD.

All the kids had an amazing day. Dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, water rides and roller coasters...what more do you want?

We got soaked by the killer whales and again on the water rides, but who cares, the sun was drying us fast enough.

After Sea World we had dinner at BJ's - they've got the best pizza in the world.

After this very busy day we went back to the hotel.Tomorrow, Day 4, the finals will be played.

Tom van Doren

Day 2


La toma de la foto oficial de grupo de los participantes del Americas Jr. Camp 2012, asi como la visita de Brad Parks quien envio un mensaje a todos los jugadores, jugadoras, voluntarios y entranadores participantes.  De igual manera Brad Parks se tomo un foto con todos los participantes al campamento.- Giovanni Rangel

Today was very special day at the camp as Hall of Fame member, Brad Parks from Orange, California USA, paid us a visit. Brad, who founded wheelchair tennis in 1976, addressed all the participants in a special presentation.

After the morning session, doing lots of incredible exercises, we played the tournament in the afternoon.

There were some big games going on with some kids really doing a good job and getting better every second.

We have kids from Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Can this get any better?

During lunchtime we had an amazing visitor - BRAD PARKS! He was thrilled again to visit the camp at the Felipe Tennis Centre. How's that...having a legend visiting your tennis camp. I think lots of kids didn't even realize the importance of having BRAD PARKS.

In the evening we did some nice games at the hotel and had dinner. Everybody was pretty tired, so lots of kids went to bed early to be ready for tomorrow,...and..... SEAWORLD!!!

Tom van Doren

Day 1

Para los jugadores y jugadoras fue el dia mas esperado, llegar a las cachas de tenis de Felipe Tennis Centre para realizar la practica respectiva y luego iniciar con el torneo. 

Today was a long-awaited day for all players, as they finally reached the Felipe Tennis Centre where they could practise for the ensuing tournament. - Giovanni Rangel

On Sunday we arrived at the hotel in Mission Viejo and got settled.

We had dinner around 18:30 hrs and after that we did a name-game. The Coaches meeting was at at 21:00 hrs and then it was early to bed.

Today, Monday, we started having breakfast at 8.00am and at 9.00am we loaded everybody in the trucks and we went to the tennis courts.

At around 10.00am we could get on the court, so we started the morning drills, mobility, forehand, backhand and serves.

At 1.00pm we had lunch and started the ITF tournament at 2.00pm

Fourteen boys and four girls are taking part, the boys in a knockout system and the girls in a round-robin.

There was some good matches, great spirit and 100% dedication to train on the court.

We've got six coaches from different countries - Canada, United States, México, El Salvador, Argentina and one coach from Guatemala.

Everybody is having a great time.

Tom van Doren