Getting started

Contact your National Association

Click here for contact details for National Associations. You can contact your National Association to see what programmes are available in your country.

Find a friend to play against

The beauty of wheelchair tennis is that you can play with your able bodied family and friends as well as other wheelchair players. Under the rules of tennis the wheelchair players are permitted two bounces and the able bodied players one, but when you are practising you can play to your own rules to suit the standard of the players on the court.

Find a court

You can contact the Tennis Federation or Disabled Sports Association in your country to find out which facilities are accessible. Or you can go along to your local courts and discuss with whoever runs them how they could be made accessible for you to play.

Find a coach

A coach will help you improve and will be able to advise you on how to get what you want from your tennis, whether you want to play with your family or if you want to compete on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

Contact your member nation to get the contact details of a coach with wheelchair tennis experience. If you are with a coach who has not worked with wheelchair players before, do not worry, you will have a lot of fun learning together.

The wheelchair

When you start playing you do not require a sports wheelchair. You can play in a day chair. You may wish to strap yourself into the chair to improve your stability. Straps can be used around the waist, knees and ankles, depending on the players balance. The availability of sports chairs varies around the world.

For further information on tennis wheelchairs, visit Motivation.

Contact us

You can also email the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Department at for information on the opportunities to play wheelchair tennis in your country.