'When I started coaching Jayant Mistry, who was Britain's number 2, at the time I had very limited knowledge of wheelchair tennis. The exciting challenge for me was to learn as fast as I could.'

- Mark Bullock, Former ITF Wheelchair Tennis Manager

ITF Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Manual (online resource)

The ITF Wheelchair Tennis Department has released the first chapters in the updated ITF Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Manual, which is available online from now on.

Chapters from the updated Coaching Manual are available in PDF format on the this page, with new chapters being added throughout the year.

The updated Manual will cover a range of different topics including fitness testing, stroke technique and Play and Stay, to name just a few.

All entries have been written by various experts in the field.

This is a free online resource for any coaches to utilise within their training programmes.

The first chapters are available in PDF format below.


ITF Play and Stay

The ITF Tennis Play and Stay campaign was launched in 2007 and embraces many of the essential coaching techniques required for introducing tennis to young people and people with higher levels of physical disability.

When slower red, orange and green balls are used on smaller courts it helps starter players to serve, rally and score from the first lesson. The campaign also aims to promote different scoring and competition formats for starter players. The Play and Stay campaign has been central to the ITF Development and Junior programmes.

Using the right ball with a starter player is crucial. A number of slower balls are available which make the game easier and by using these balls the starter players have more time and more control over shots and the lower bounce enables young and beginner players to play shots at an appropriate height. Used in conjunction with smaller courts and rackets, slower balls are essential kit for introducing disabled people to wheelchair tennis.

- Play and Stay website


ITF Coach Registration

The number of coaches travelling on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour continues to grow. The ITF believes that coaches are key to the future growth of the sport and are integral to raising the standards of play and levels of professionalism in the sport.  The ITF have commenced a coach registration scheme to build up a database of coaches involved and active in wheelchair tennis.

The coaches may be able to benefit from a reduced entry fee whilst travelling on the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour with players.

If you would like to nominate a coach for registration, please send a copy of their qualification to  Please be aware, that they must hold a recognised tennis coaching qualification and be nominated by their ITF member nation to be eligible for registration.

Please find attached the list of ITF approved Coaches for whom we have already received details of qualification.