Monique Kalkman (NED)

Monique Kalkman"This sport has given many players not only a great time, but also a way to stay fit and a means to a better future. It has the potential to reach many more lives, though, and this still drives my passion for the sport. Therefore I’m delighted to continue my support to wheelchair tennis, as one of the pioneers and an ex-player."

- Monique Kalkman

Kalkman was the first female athlete to win Paralympic gold medals in two different individual sports. In 1984, the Dutch player became a Paralympic champion in table tennis before switching to wheelchair tennis in 1986.

Between 1992 and 1996 Kalkman won three Paralympic gold medals, two NEC Masters singles titles and was four times ITF Wheelchair Tennis World Champion.

After retiring, Kalkman became firstly an ambassador and then held a European management position with her former sponsor Sunrise Medical. She is now working as Business Development Manager and ambassador for Welzorg, which is the largest supplier of equipment for disabled people in Holland. Recently Kalkman has taken up a new sporting challenge by playing golf.

Kalkman is to become the latest wheelchair tennis player to be inducted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in July 2017.