Product Conformity

In deciding any matter related to equipment, the ITF is required to interpret the Rules in a manner which will preserve the traditional character of the game and preserve the skills traditionally required to play the game.

The ITF Technical Commission shall, upon request from equipment manufacturers and inventors, rule on whether equipment conforms to the official Rules of Tennis. In addition, if a product is introduced to the market and found to be non-conforming, the ITF shall endeavour to advise the manufacturer immediately that their product does not conform to the Rules of Tennis, and shall be placed on the ITF list of non-conforming equipment.

It is therefore recommended that manufacturers and inventors request a ruling from the ITF during the product development stage, and prior to commencement of production. All matters relating to a conformance ruling by the ITF are undertaken in the strictest confidence.

Note: the ITF does not currently operate any form of official approval or endorsement system for tennis rackets.


Non-Conforming Equipment

The following products, available in the market, do not conform to the Rules of Tennis, and cannot therefore be used in any game played according to the official Rules.

Tennis Rackets:
- Head Ti.S7
- Dynaspot movable mass racket

In addition, any racket that exceeds 29 inches (73.66 cm) in overall length, including the handle, is non-conforming. The rule to limit racket length became an official Rule of Tennis on 1 January 2000.

Stringing Systems:
“Spaghetti” strung rackets, invented by Werner Fischer (Germany).

Vibration Dampening devices:
Prince “The Silencer"


Conforming Equipment

The following products, available in the market, are deemed to conform to the Rules of Tennis. Note: this list features only products for which rulings have been requested and provided by the ITF (since 2001).

Tennis Rackets:
- Head i.S18 “Intelligence” Chip system
- PowerAngle
- X-45 PRO
- Neoxx ST 200
- Head Protector
- Prince O3
- Fischer Magnetic Pro No One 98 (featuring Magnetic Speed System)
- Head Youtek Five
- Head Youtek Six
- Battistone Diamond

Vibration Dampening devices:

- Gotta Grip
- GripYOU


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