Non-ITF Publications

The Physics and Technology of TennisThe Physics and Technology of Tennis

by Howard Brody, Crawford Lindsey & Rod Cross
Published by USRSA/RacquetTech Publishing
ISBN 0-9722759-0-8

'The life's purpose of a tennis racquet is to change the speed and direction of a tennis ball. This momentous event takes place in approximately five-one-thousandths of a second. During that time, the ball and the racquet launch into a frenzy of technology-enhanced physics. This book explains the what, how and why of those fatal collision either side of the net, as well as the flight and the bounce of the ball in-between'.


The Engineering of Sport 5The Engineering of Sport 5

Edited by M. Hubbard, R.D. Mehta & J.M Pallis
Publisher: International Sports Engineering Association    
Volume 1 pp616, Volume 2 pp656
Volume 1 ISBN 0-9547861-0-6
Volume 2 ISBN 0-9547861-1-4

These 2 volumes contain the proceedings of over 170 papers presented at the 5th Conference on Engineering of Sport held at the University of California, Davis, USA during September 2004. Featuring a large number of tennis-related papers, this publication includes papers resulting from research projects undertaken or sponsored by the International Tennis Federation:

- "Aerodynamics of tennis balls – effect of wear"
S.R. Goodwill, S.J. Haake

- "Effect of string tension on the impact between a ball and a racket"
S.R. Goodwill, S.J. Haake

- "Accuracy of an automated system for measuring ball rebound height"
S. Miller

- "Tennis GUT – modelling the game"
R.J. Dignall, S.R. Goodwill, S.J. Haake, S. Miller

- "Computer aided performance prediction and estimation system for a tennis racket in terms of power and stability"
Y. Kawazoe

Technical Tennis

Technical TennisBy Rod Cross and Crawford Lindsey
Published by Racquet Tech Publishing
ISBN: 0-9722759-3-2

Technical Tennis is a reader-friendly follow-up to their widely acclaimed, encylopedic The Physics and Technology of Tennis, which the co-authored along with Howard Brody, the pioneer of tennis physics and author of the foreword of the current book. In that foreword, Dr. Brody says, "What is needed now is an up-to-date, reader-friendly book that covers the technical parts of tennis in a far less comprehensive and technical manner. It needs to be written so that a tennis player can pick it up, read it, and understand it. That is this book. It is still meaty and an intellectual adventure, but all the technical language has been translated to people-speak within its human-sized 160 pages".