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Developments in computing power, motion analysis software and electronics, and the decrease in their costs have facilitated the development of systems that make it possible to collect highly detailed information about player performance. These products make it possible to gather a large amount of information in real time that would previously have taken days or even weeks, or was simply unavailable.

The ITF refers to such products as ‘Player Analysis Technology’ (PAT) and regulates their use in tennis. PAT includes any equipment that collects, stores, transmits, analyses or communicates information on player performance, and may be a stand-alone device or incorporated within existing equipment.

PAT has the capacity to measure, and cross-reference, a wide range of performance-related, time-based variables. These include: 

In relation to... Primary variables Secondary variables Tertiary variables
Player Position and acceleration

Step length and frequency
Total and average distance travelled  
Heart rate, sweat rate Work rate, energy consumption Fatigue
Stroke Racket position and orientation Ball/racket impact location

Shot type (serve, volley, forehand, backhand)

Spin (topspin, backspin)

(Racket) power
Ball/shot Position Speed


Outcome (in/out)

Match time

Match simulation


PAT may record and/or store information during a match. Such information may only be accessed by a player in accordance with Rule 30 of the Rules of Tennis.

Approval is required for the use of PAT products during competition from 1 January 2014. Companies wishing to apply for Approval of PAT products may do so from 1 September 2013.  The current edition of the ITF PAT APPROVAL PROCEDURES document and the ITF PAT Application form are both available to download below.

Application form (Word .doc format)

ITF PAT Application form