07 Oct 2012

Welcoming New ITF Recognition Assessor - Acoustoscan

News Article


The importance of ITF Recognition has been acknowledged in Australia, where an independent laboratory has been approved by the ITF Science & Technical department to conduct One-Star ITF Recognition testing.  Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd, based in Punchbowl, New South Wales, has demonstrated that it has the required experience in surveying, using internationally-recognised standards.  As such, Acousto-Scan is able to conduct on-site tests for visual inspection, evenness, slope and planarity – the tests required to measure the key installation properties of a tennis court for One-Star ITF Recognition.

“This is an exciting achievement for Acousto-Scan, which will enable tennis facilities, tennis court installers and suppliers to obtain an independent assessment of the quality of their courts, through the internationally-recognised One-Star ITF Recognition  programme” said Grant Humphreys, Director, Acousto-Scan Pty Ltd.

The ITF Recognition Programme is targeted at those venues where the standard of play demands the specification of precise playing characteristics, e.g. at international tournaments and national or regional tennis centres.