30 Jan 2009

2010 ITF Approved Tennis Balls and Classified Court Surfaces - a guide to products and test methods” booklet published

News Article

This week sees the publication of the 2010 issue of “ITF Approved Tennis Balls and Classified Court Surfaces – a guide to products and test methods”.

Compiled by the ITF Technical Centre, this annual booklet lists all balls that are approved for tournament play under the Rules of Tennis. In addition, over 170 surfaces that have obtained ITF Classification for court pace are also listed. This comprehensive booklet provides information on the testing procedures for ball approval and court surface classification as well as contact details for all suppliers. All ITF National Associations will be receiving copies of this booklet by mail within the next few weeks. As additional balls are approved, and court surfaces classified, they shall be listed on the ITF web site.

To view the current list of 2010 ITF Approved tennis balls, click here.

To view the current list of Classified court surfaces, click here.

Also included in this publication is a section entitled ”ITF Guide to Test Methods for Tennis Court Surfaces” which recommends the test methods for testing the key properties of surfaces. This section is a revision to the Initial ITF Study on Performance Characteristics for Tennis Court Surfaces”, which was published in June 1997.

Further developments of the ITF Guide are anticipated, and consequently this section is supported by a web-based resource to communicate such changes. It is hoped that the ITF Guide will promote the development of higher standards for tennis courts and facilities for players of all levels and in assisting, wherever possible, in enhancing the enjoyment of those who choose to play our sport.

The January 2010 booklet is also available to download in pdf format by clicking on the file at the bottom of this page, whilst hard copies are available upon request to the ITF Technical Centre, by email to technical@itftennis.com.