Tennis Courts
For any sport, the right environment is key. Whether to attract new participants or to help them reach their true potential, facilities play a vital role in the growth of sport. Get it right and people will enjoy visiting; get it wrong and attendance and attitudes may be negatively affected.

To this end, the ITF established a working group of facilities experts from major tennis-playing nations, to design and develop an international Facilities Guide, which represents 'best practice' from around the world. This guide has been developed by the ITF as a simple reference for those wanting to build a tennis court whether domestic, tournament or club.

The Facilities Guide is supported by the ITF Suppliers' Directory: a searchable database of products and services used to create tennis facilities; and the ITF Recognition programme, which provides end-users with an independent assessment of the quality of their court.

Please note the following when reading these guidelines:

- Some of the information contained therein has been supplied by the industry and nothing within these guidelines constitutes an ITF endorsement or approval of companies or products. The ITF is not responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied.

- The information relates to the design of dedicated tennis facilities only and are not necessarily appropriate for a multi-sport environment where the same surface is used for a number of different sports.


The ITF acknowledges the participation of the following organisations in the development of Facilities Guide. These organisations have kindly agreed to the ITF incorporating, where relevant, their material within this site:

American Sports Builders Assocation
French Tennis Federation
Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain
Tennis Australia
The Sports and Play Construction Association
United States Tennis Association

In addition, the ITF thanks the following organisations for providing photographs and images:

California Products, USA
Edward Sports, UK
Sports Surfaces Technologies, UK
Global Sports & Tennis Design Group, USA



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