The following basic permanent equipment is needed for a tennis court (both indoor and outdoor):

- 2 net post sockets

- 2 net post sockets for singles matches or 2 singles sticks

- 2 net posts and a net tension system

- 1 net (if seperate net posts are used for singles matches, then 1 net for singles matches will also be needed)

- 1 centre strap with ground anchor

- Court numbers

A net tension of 1.8-2.0 +/- 0.1 kN is recommended. Net posts need to be sufficiently strong to withstand the forces generated by the tension in the net. Therefore, posts are typically set in at least 600 mm (these dimensions may need to be increased to suit local ground conditions). Temporary net post systems, which avoid the requirement to drill sockets, are available and often used at indoor tournaments, where the court is not permanent.

The net should have a sufficiently small mesh size to prevent the ball from passing through it during play (typically 45-50 mm).

Optional equipment includes:

- Scoreboard

- Umpire's chair (with optional sun shade)

- Chairs for players and/or officials

- Public announcement (PA) system

- Connection to a power supply.

- Backboards or practice walls

- Maintenance equipment, e.g. broom for brushing lines on clay court

- Water fountains

- Waste baskets

- Ball machines

- Seating for spectators

- Lighting

For indoor courts the following may also be used:

-Divider netting/solid barriers (between courts)

- Perimeter/backstop curtains (at ends of courts)

The following items are specific to outdoor courts:

- Fencing

-Wind breaks

- Shade shelters


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