Dimensions (ITF CS 04/02)

The court markings define the playing area of the surface and provide consistency with the Rules of Tennis and between courts.

The position of the court markings and net are checked using a distance-measuring device.


Test apparatus consists of:

- Distance-measuring device, calibrated to ± 0.05%, such as a laser distance meter or a steel tape.

Check the distance-measuring accuracy of the apparatus against a known standard prior to testing.

Test procedure

1.Using the calibrated device, measure each of the distances listed in table 5 (refer also to figure 7). Follow the same procedure on both sides of the net to complete the court.

2. Repeat the measurements in reverse order. Check any measurement for which the discrepancy between the two values exceeds half of the applicable tolerance.

Calculation of results

Calculate the mean of the two values measured for each distance. The criterion
values are listed in table 5. The tolerance for each test value (measured distance)
corresponds to 0.1% of the distance measured, with a minimum tolerance of 5 mm.

Note: 10 mm is added to the tolerance for measurements involving the net, due to the
thickness and movement of the net and the uncertainty in the measurement of the net


Refer to Table 5.

Measurement Description Criterion
DC Distance between doubles sidelines 10.973 11 10.96-10.98
Dd, Cc Doubles sidelines to singles sidelines 1.372 5 1.37-1.38
dJ Singles sideline to centre mark 4.115 5 4.11-4.12
dc, GF Distance between singles sidelines 8.233 8 8.22-8.24
GH Singles sideline to centre serviceline 4.115 5 4.11-4.12
ad, bc Net to baseline 11.887 22a 11.87-11.91
aG, bF Net to serviceline 6.401 16a 6.38-6.42
dd', cc' Distance between baselines 23.774 24 23.75-23.80
GG', FF' Distance between servicelines 12.802 13 12.79-12.81
NN'b Length of net 12.802 23a 12.78-12.82
XNb,c Middle of net to net post 6.401 16a 6.38-6.42
DC', CD' Full-court diagonal (doubles) 26.184 26 26.16-26.21
C to backstopf Baseline to backstop ≥ 6.40d N/A N/A
C to sidestopf Baseline to sidestop ≥ 3.66e N/A N/A

Table 5. Recommended tolerances for dimensions of a tennis court.

Notes: Movement of grass during the application of court markings shall be taken into account when assessing the results.
a. 10 mm added to the tolerance for measurements involving the net.
b. N is measured from the centre of the net posts.
c. In cases where the position of X cannot be located precisely, for instance due to anchoring of the centre strap, use a reference point midway across the centre serviceline.
d. Applies to international competition. For recreational and club play, the recommended minimum distance is 5.48 m.
e. Applies to international competition. For recreational and club play, the recommended minimum distance is 3.05 m.
f. Backstops and sidestops are defined by a wall, fencing, fabric or other surface enclosing the court.

Plan view of half-court

Figure 7. Plan view of half-court. All dimensions are given in metres.