Player Analysis Technology

In accordance with the instructions contained in the current edition of the ITF APPROVAL OF PLAYER ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY document and application form, available to download below, any company wishing to have their Player Analysis Technology ("PAT") product approved shall:

1. Submit an application form to the ITF. Supporting material may be emailed (either as attached files or a link to download files) or sent on a CD/DVD/USB flash drive. Upon receipt the ITF shall issue an invoice for the review of the application form (the "Application Fee").

2. Upon receipt of payment, the ITF shall inform the Applicant whether their application form has been accepted or rejected.

- If the application form is rejected, the Applicant can make changes, as necessary, to their product and resubmit their application and Application Fee, i.e. recommence the process at stage (1).

- If the application form is accepted, the Applicant submits a product sample to the ITF for testing. The sample remains the property of the ITF.
Note: Where the product cannot be delivered to the ITF, the Applicant shall arrange for the system to be tested by the ITF Technical Centre in-situ.

3. An invoice for testing the product (the “Testing Fee”) is sent to the Applicant. The ITF tests the product, during which time the Applicant may be asked further questions on their product.

4. Upon receipt of payment, the ITF issues the Applicant with a report on the testing stating whether the product has passed or failed the approval process.

5. ITF Approval is for the lifetime of the product, unless functional changes are made to the software and/or firmware, i.e. ‘major number’ updates, in which case the Applicant must reapply for approval.
Note: If the product hardware is modified, the Applicant must apply for ITF Approval of a new product, i.e. recommence at stage (1).