ITF Laboratory Accreditation

ITF Accredited laboratory - ITF RecognitionOnly ITF Accredited laboratories or the ITF Technical Centre are permitted to conduct pace testing for Two-Star ITF Recognition and ITF Classification. In addition, the ITF Accredited laboratory must be capable of conducting all necessary testing for One-Star ITF Recognition.

Criteria for Accreditation

The laboratory should be an organisation that includes a test laboratory devoted to the research and development of sports surface science, and shall have achieved a position of influence and responsibility in the field of sports surface provision. Its work shall include the testing and evaluation of sports surfaces and related materials, both in the laboratory and in the field, with well documented records.

The laboratory shall be independent of any company manufacturing, supplying or installing sports surfaces, or manufacturing or supplying sports equipment.

The work of the laboratory must be recognised as being of high quality, maintained by operating a comprehensive policy of calibration of all its relevant test equipment. Evidence of compliance to ISO 9001:2008, ISO/EN 17025 or another internationally recognised quality system is required.

The laboratory must confirm its willingness to participate regularly in ‘round-robin’ testing, presentations of papers and publications, attendance at meetings, and other scientific and technical matters, which may be undertaken by the ITF.

The laboratory must have access to facilities capable of undertaking all tests detailed in the ITF Guide to Test Methods for Tennis Court Surfaces.

Application for ITF Accreditation

Laboratories applying for ITF Accreditation must provide the following information to the ITF in English:

 - A list of test equipment relevant to the testing of tennis surfaces.

- A diagram of its organisational structure, together with the Curriculum Vitae of its nominated representative(s) and brief details of the qualifications and experience of other relevant staff on the organisational structure.

- A reference list of tennis facilities and surfaces tested in the preceding two years.

- A list of relevant publications, technical papers and articles produced by, or contributedto by, the applicant laboratory in the preceding two years.

- Details of any work with National or International Governing Bodies of sport, sportsassociations, councils or federations.

- Membership of National or International Standard Organisations, e.g. ISO, CEN, BSI,DIN, ASTM or their Working Groups.

- Evidence that the company is accredited to an internationally-recognised qualitymanagement system.

All laboratories applying for ITF Accreditation shall be inspected by a representative of the ITF. The laboratory shall be required to undertake round-robin testing as directed by the ITF Technical Centre. The applicant laboratory shall meet all costs and expenses involved in this procedure.

Note: The ITF reserves the right to deny or remove ITF Accreditation at any time.