ITF Court Recognition

In accordance with the instructions contained in PART D of the current edition of ITF APPROVED TENNIS BALLS, CLASSIFIED SURFACES & RECOGNISED COURTS booklet and application form, available to download below, any organisation, supplier or installer wishing to have their tennis surface(s) tested for One-Star or Two-Star ITF Recognition shall:

1. Submit an application form to the ITF for One-Star or Two-Star ITF Recognition. Upon receipt the ITF shall issue an invoice for the recognition fee. This fixed fee applies per facility for any number of tennis courts to be tested on consecutive days.

2. Nominate an ITF Accredited laboratory and/or ITF Recognition Assessor to conduct the necessary testing, with whom testing fees should be agreed directly. Once the court has been tested, the report(s) is/are sent to the ITF.

Note: Testing fees are separate from the Recognition Fee.

Contact details for ITF Accredited laboratories and ITF Recognition Assessors can be found here.

3. The ITF shall issue the final test report and the ITF Recognition certificate, and the details published on the ITF Technical website.

4. ITF Recognition is valid for 10 years, or until the court is resurfaced, whichever is the sooner.  An ITF Recognition logo shall be provided, which may be used to promote the award.

Note: Two-Star Recognition cannot be awarded without comparison against an ITF Classified product. If the surface product is not classified, the product supplier can apply for ITF Classification using the average results of all courts tested during the on-site Two-Star ITF Recognition test of court pace.