ITF Court Pace Classification

1. Register for access to the TennisNET Portal -
Instructions can be found on the 'Contact us' page through the link above.

2. Login to the TennisNET Portal and create a record for your product. If the product already exists then additional details must be provided to the ITF using the product details template available to download from the product record.

3. Contact an ITF Accredited laboratory to obtain a quotation for the testing fee either on-site, or using samples sent to their laboratory.

Contact details for ITF Accredited laboratories for Court Pace Classification can be found here.

4. Submit a test application to confirm your choice of test laboratory, either for a new product test or a renewal product test, from the 'Apply' section of the TennisNET Portal.

5. On completion of the testing and review process, the Court Pace Rating (CPR) value and ITF pace category will be displayed in the test application record.

6. Submit an application for an ITF Classification listing. Upon receipt the ITF shall issue an invoice for the Classification fee. To view the fees in the current calendar year's pricing structure, please download the PDF document below.

7. On receipt of payment, an ITF Court Pace Classification letter, certificate and test report will be available to download from the TennisNET Portal, and the surface product published on the ITF Technical website.


For further information or assistance with the application process, please contact the ITF Technical Team (