Von Cramm Cup (M60)

The Von Cramm Cup is for the men's 60 age category and was donated by the German Tennis Federation (DTB) in 1989.

In 2013, the Von Cramm Cup was held on 9-14 September in Poertschach, Austria. The USA successfully defended their title defeating France in the final. Click the link below to view the full results and drawsheets from the 2013 Von Cramm Cup.

- Results and drawsheets 

Honour roll

- Winner: USA
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: USA
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: USA
- Runner-up: Australia

- Winner: USA
- Runner-up: Spain

- Winner: Spain
- Runner-up: USA

Baron Gottfried Von Cramm

Baron Gottfried Von Cramm was Germany's most successful player until the emergence of Boris Becker and Michael Stich in the 1980s.

An elegant stylist, he won the French singles championship twice and the German title six times between 1932 and 1949.

At Wimbledon, Von Cramm was unfortunate to be a contemporary of Fred Perry and was the defeated finalist in three successive years in the mid-1930s..

He won 82 of his 102 Davis Cup rubbers in 37 ties between 1932 and 1953. He died in a motoring accident in Egypt in 1976.


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