Kitty Godfree Cup (W65)

The Kitty Godfree Cup is for the women's 65 age category was introduced in 1994 by the Veterans Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain in honour of Kitty Godfree. The trophy was kindly donated by the Godfree family.

In 2015, the Kitty Godfree Cup was held from 21-26 September in Umag, Croatia. USA defeated Great Britain in the final.

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- Results and drawsheets 

Honour roll

- Winner: Australia
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: USA
- Runner-up: Great Britain

- Winner: USA
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: France
- Runner-up: USA

- Winner: France
- Runner-up: USA

- Winner: France
- Runner-up: Great Britain

- Winner: Great Britain
- Runner-up: USA

- Winner: Great Britain
- Runner-up: Australia

Kitty Godfree

Kathleen "Kitty" Godfree (nee McKane), twice Wimbledon champion, was one of the outstanding women players in the 1920s.

Kitty and her husband, Leslie, were the only married couple to have won the Wimbledon mixed doubles championship, a feat they achieved in1926.

Kitty was the only player to beat Helen Wills Moody in singles at Wimbledon. This occurred in the legendary final of 1924 when she fought back from being 46 14 down to win 46 64 64.

She also reached the finals of the US and French Championships in 1925 and won Olympic medals at the Games of 1920 in Antwerp and 1924 in Paris.

Kitty was a natural athlete, representing England in lacrosse in 1918 and won the All-England badminton singles title.

Without any formal coaching, she soon found that tennis was her forte and became that rarity in those days, a good volleyer. Perhaps her real strength, though, what is termed these days "mental toughness".


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