Sunday 8 October - Friday 13 October 2017

USTA National Campus, Lake Nona, Orlando 

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Florida, USA


Official ball
Wilson Regular Duty

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ITF Super-Seniors World Team Factsheet

Participating Teams

2016 - Final Standings

  Kitty Godfrey Cup (W65) Althea Gibson Cup (W70) Queen's Cup (W75) Doris Hart Cup (W80)
1 Australia Great Britain USA USA
2 France Netherlands  France Great Britain
3 USA Germany Great Britain  Canada
4 Great Britain South Africa Germany France
5 Germany France Australia Australia
6 New Zealand Australia South Africa Germany
7 Canada USA Finland Sweden
8 Poland Austria Switzerland Ukraine
9 Sweden Canada    
10  Argentina Switzerland    
11 Croatia Sweden    
12 Finland Finland    
13 Ireland      
14 Ukraine      
  Britainnia Cup   (M65)           Jack Crawford Cup (M70)   Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) Gardnar Mulloy (M80)
1 Spain Netherlands Austria USA
2 Italy France Great Britain Australia
3 USA Switzerland Italy Germany
4 Germany Italy Germany Great Britain
5 Sweden Germany USA Austria
6 France Great Britain Australia France
7 Australia USA Sweden South Africa
8 Great Britain Austria Norway Switzerland
9 Finland Canada France Canada
10 Ukraine Ireland South Africa Turkey
11 Netherlands Australia Slovenia Ireland
12 Canada South Africa Netherlands Ukraine
13 Austria Sweden Japan Sweden
14 South Africa Zimbabwe Canada Croatia
15 Denmark Finland Croatia  
16 Ireland Norway Turkey  
17 Argentina Croatia Finland  
18 Switzerland Turkey Ireland  
19 Turkey      
20  Croatia      

About the event

The ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships consists of 9 Team Cups and is the highest ranked team event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players in the age categories of 65-85* (*Mens 85). 

Each team consists of a maximum of 4 players with ties consisting of 2 singles matches and a double match.  

Each Team Cup is played under a round robin format in the initial stages after which a knock-out  principle can be adopted to produce a final list of all teams 



Click the links below to find out more information about each age category in the ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships.

- Britannia Cup (M65)

- Jack Crawford Cup (M70)

- Bitsy Grant Cup (M75)

- Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80)

- Kitty Godfree Cup (W65)

- Althea Gibson Cup (W70)

- Queens’ Cup (W75)

- Doris Hart (W80)