The 2008 Super-Seniors World Team Championships were held in Antalya, Turkey.

The result of the final in each age category is listed below:

Men's 60 (Von Cramm Cup)

Spain def Netherlands 2-0

Men's 65 (Britannia Cup)

Austria def Italy 3-0

Men's 70 (Jack Crawford Cup)

Germany def USA 2-1

Men's 75 (Bitsy Grant Cup)

USA def Canada 3-0

Men's 80 (Gardnar Mulloy Cup)

Australia def USA 2-1

Women's 60 (Alice Marble Cup)

France def USA 3-0

Women's 65 (Kitty Godfree Cup)

Germany def USA 3-0

Women's 70 (Althea Gibson Cup)

South Africa def USA 2-1

Women's 75 (Queen's Cup)

USA def Canada 2-1


Click the links below to find out more information about each age category in the ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships.

- Britannia Cup (M65)

- Jack Crawford Cup (M70)

- Bitsy Grant Cup (M75)

- Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80)

- Kitty Godfree Cup (W65)

- Althea Gibson Cup (W70)

- Queens’ Cup (W75)

- Doris Hart (W80)