Suzanne Lenglen Cup (W35)

The Suzanne Lenglen Cup is for the women's 35 age category and was first presented by the French Tennis Federation (FFT) in 2001.

In 2013, the Suzanne Lenglen Cup was held on 18-23 March in Antalya, Turkey  Great Britain won its third title in four years with a win over last year's beaten finalists France.  The team was composed of Lucie Ahl, Karen Cross, Leyla Ogan and Julie Hobbs.

Honour roll

2013GBR, 2013 Suzanne Lenglen Cup winners
- Winner: Great Britain
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: Great Britain
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: France
- Runner-up: Spain

- Winner: Great Britain
- Runner-up: France

- Winner: France
- Runner-up: Spain

Suzanne Lenglen

Suzanne Lenglen’s reputation as a new prodigy followed her to Wimbledon in 1919 where, aged only 20, she became a sensation.

For the first time in the history of the game, a female player came on court wearing make-up, no corset and no petticoat.

The young French girl defeated Dorothea Lambert-Chambers, seven-time holder of the title, to become Wimbledon champion.

Lenglen became known as “the Divine”. This was with reference to her game, often described as light as air and graceful, and because of her inclination for society gatherings and cutting edge fashion sense.

The French champion got rid of all constraints that might have hindered her playing - stocking-holders, petticoats and long-sleeve blouses.

Lenglen remained a pioneer to the end of her renowned career, famously becoming the “first professional tennis player” in the history of tennis.

Despite all her achievements, she suffered from fragile health and tragically died of leukaemia in 1938, aged 39.


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