2017 ITF Seniors World Team Championships, Miami Beach

Sunday 29 October - Friday 3 November 2017

Miami Beach, FL, USA

North Shore, Miami Beach
Flamingo Park, Miami Beach 
Crandon Park, Key Biscayne
Key Biscayne Facilty - Crandon Golf Course

Seniors World Team Logo

TEAM CUP VENUE                   SURFACE
Maria Esther Bueno Cup    (W50) North Shore, Miami Beach CLAY           
Fred Perry Cup                  (M50) Flamingo Park, Miami Beach CLAY
Austria Cup                      (M55) Crandon Park, Key Biscayne HARD
Maureen Connolly Cup      (W55) Crandon Park, Key Biscayne HARD
Alice Marble Cup               (W60) Crandon Park, Key Biscayne CLAY
Von Cramm Cup               (M60) Key Biscayne Facilty - Crandon Golf Course  CLAY


Official ball: Babolat

Participating Nations 

Please click on the following link to view the current Factsheet:

2017 ITF Seniors World Team Factsheet

2016 - Final Standings

  Maria Esther Bueno   Cup (W50) Maureen Connolly Cup (W55)              Alice Marble Cup    (W60)                    
1 France Australia USA
2 USA Italy  France
3 Netherlands USA Germany 
4 Germany France Great Britain
5 Spain Great Britain Sweden
6 Great Britain Sweden South Africa
7 Australia Canada Australia
8 Sweden South Africa Italy 
9 Canada Spain Canada 
10  Ireland Netherlands Spain 
11 Italy Germany Finland 
12 Turkey Ireland Turkey 
13 Switzerland Turkey  
14 South Africa Finland          
15 Finland    
16 Brazil    
17 Estonia    
18 Moldova    
19 Norway    
  Fred Perry Cup         (M50)         Austria Cup             (M55)                    Von cramm Cup     (M60)                   
1 Italy France Australia
2 Netherlands Italy USA
3 France USA Great Britain
4 USA Great Britain France
5 Switzerland Sweden Canada
6 Great Britain Spain Spain
7 Canada Australia Mexico
8 Sweden Netherlands Sweden
9 Russia Germany South Africa
10 India Russia Russia
11 Spain Estonia Finland
12 Ireland Argentina Ireland
13 Finland India Argentina
14 Germany Finland Switzerland
15 Latvia Canada Turkey
16 Australia Romania  
17 Estonia Switzerland  
18 Argentina Slovenia  
19 Turkey Ireland   
20  South Africa Moldova   
21   South Africa  
22   Turkey  


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- Fred Perry (M50)

- Austria Cup (M55)

- Von Cramm (M60)

- Maria Esther Bueno Cup (W50)

- Maureen Connolly Cup (W55)

- Alice Marble Cup (W60)