The ITF Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships are the premier team events on the ITF Seniors Circuit.                                                              

ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships

Team France - Young Cup Winners (W40)

Dates: Sunday 19 - Friday 24 March 2017

Location: Cape Town,South Africa

Kelvin Grove, Newlands (M35)            Glen Country Club (W35)
Western Province Cricket Club (M40) Pinelands Tennis Club (W40)  
Green Point tennis Club (M45)            Western Province Tennis - Rondebosch (W45) 


2017 Champions  
Italia Cup(M35)-France  Suzanne Lenglen Cup(W35)-France
Tony Trabert Cup(M40)-France  Young Cup(W40)-France
Dubler Cup (M45)-Netherlands  Margaret Court(W45)-Spain

ITF Seniors World Team Championships               

2016 Seniors World Team Championships - Winner Austria Cup FRANCE

Dates: Sunday 29 - Friday 3 November 2017

Location: Miami Beach, FL, USA

Main Venue  
Additional Venunes if required:           
Salvadore Tennis Club Crandon Park Golf Club
Crandon Park Tennis Center   


Defending Champions  
Esther Bueno Cup (W50) - France Fred Perry (M50) - Italy
Maureen Connolly Cup (W55) - Australia Austria Cup (M55) - France
Alice Marble Cup (W60) - USA Von Cramm Cup (M60) - Australia

  ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships               

Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) - Champions - USA

Dates: Sunday 8 - Friday 13 Ocotber 2017

Venue: USTA National Campus

Location: Lake Nona FL, USA

Defending Champions  
Kitty Godfrey (W65) - Australia Britainnia Cup (M65) - Spain
Althea Gibson Cup (W70) - Great Britain Jack Crawford Cup (M70) - Netherlands
Queens Cup (W75) - USA Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) - Austria
Doris Hart Cup (W80) - USA Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) - USA




Click the link below to view results and drawsheets from the latest ITF Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships.

Suzanne Lenglen Cup (W35)

Young Cup (W40)

Margaret Court Cup (W45)

Italia Cup (M35)

Tony Trabert Cup (M40)

Dubler Cup (M45)