The ITF Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships are the premier team events on the ITF Seniors Circuit.

A team competition for senior players dates as far back as 1958 when Leon Dubler presented the Dubler Cup trophy for the first time to the winning Italian men's team in the 45 age category.

The continued success of the tournament led the ITF to offer a full range of 20 age categories between men and women, which are now divided into three separate events, Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors.

The age categories range from 35-45 for Young Seniors, 50-60 for Seniors, and 60-85 for Super-Seniors.

Many of the trophies are named after tennis greats such as Fred Perry, Maureen Connolly, Suzanne Lenglen and Margaret Court, while others are presented by National Associations that have made significant contributions.

The structure of the tournament sees nations compete against each other in their age category on a round robin basis, followed by a knock out stage to decide the winners and final positions.

Nations can nominate teams of up to four players, and each tie consists of a best-of-three rubbers format with two singles and a doubles.

The Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships, which normally take place at separate venues and dates, are held annually all over the world in a different country each year.

South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA and various venues around Europe and South America have all taken their turn to host the tournament.

For the hosts, the Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships provides a great opportunity to welcome 100s of veteran players to their country and region, and more specifically to their club.

The team events normally preceed the individual events by one week at the same venue, so after representing their nation many players stay on to compete for individual honours.

Formats of play

The Format of Play applied depends on how many teams enter each event, for the ITF Young Seniors, Senior and Super-Senior World Team Championships.  The most up to date formats of play will be published prior to the 2017 Young Seniors World Championships.  



Click the link below to view results and drawsheets from the latest ITF Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships.

Suzanne Lenglen Cup (W35)

Young Cup (W40)

Margaret Court Cup (W45)

Italia Cup (M35)

Tony Trabert Cup (M40)

Dubler Cup (M45)