The 2010 ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships took place on 17-24 October in Antalya, Turkey.

The champions in each age category are listed below, or click the link to view the full results and drawsheets from the tournament.

- Results and drawsheets   


- Men's singles: Lawrence Turville (USA)
- Men's doubles: Neal Newman (USA) / Lawrence Turville (USA)

- Women's singles: Elizabeth Allan (AUS)
- Women's doubles: Carol Campling (AUS) / Wendy Gilchrist (AUS)


- Men's singles: Petr Kolacek (SUI)
- Men's doubles: Jimmy Parker (USA) / Ken Robinson (USA)

- Women's singles: Ellie Krocke (NED)
- Women's doubles: Susan Hill (GBR) / Frances MacLennan (GBR)


- Men's singles: Peter Pokorny (AUT)
- Men's doubles: Peter Kruck (AUT) / Peter Pokorny (AUT)

- Women's singles: Donna Fales (USA)
- Women's doubles: Dori De Vries (USA) / Donna Fales (USA)


- Men's singles: King Van Nostrand (USA)
- Men's doubles: Alan Hocking (AUS) / Charles Nelson (USA)

- Women's singles: Burnett Herrick (USA)
- Women's doubles: Marietta Boswell (USA) / Muffie Grieve (CAN)


- Men's singles: Lorne Main (CAN)
- Men's doubles: Lorne Main (CAN) / Ken Sinclair (CAN)

- Women's singles: Rosemarie Asch (CAN)
- Women's doubles: Rosemarie Asch (CAN) / Erzsebet Szentirmay (HUN)


- Men's singles: Neville Halligan (AUS)
- Men's doubles: Neville Halligan (AUS) / Wilhelm Papst (AUT)


Click the links below to view the past champions, along with results and drawsheets, from the ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships.

- 2012 Umag, Croatia

- 2011 Antalya, Turkey

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- 2009 Perth, Australia

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  • Pehr Svenshammar (SWE) Henrik Andren (SWE)
  • Ahad Razi (IRI) Kerry Ballard (AUS)
  • Hans Adama van Scheltema (NED) Neville Halligan (AUS) and Pehr Svenshammar (SWE)
  • King van Nostrand (USA) Sven Andren (SWE)
  • Lorne Main (CAN) Helene Salvetat (FRA)
  • Lemon tree at Ali Bey Club Manavgat Helene Salvetat (FRA)