The ITF Seniors World Individual Championships is the highest ranked event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players in the age categories of 35-55.

The tournament offers singles, doubles and mixed doubles as well as a consolation draw for singles first round losers. Ranking points are available in all events.

The 2014 Seniors World Individual Championships will be held from 27 April - 4 May in Florida, USA.  The fact sheet can be found in the Related documents section below.  Please note that the official ball has changed from that originally published and is now the Wilson Tour Green Clay.

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Past events

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- Dates: 24-31 March
- Venue: Antalya, Turkey

- Dates: 12-19 Feb
- Venue: San Diego, USA

- Dates: 27 Feb-6 MarDiane Barker (USA), 2013 women's 55 singles world champion
- Venue: Christchurch, New Zealand

- Dates: 4-11 April
- Venue: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

- Dates: 3-10 May
- Venue: Mallorca, Spain

- Dates: 19-26 October
- Venue: Antalya, Turkey

2007 Taras Beyko (CAN), 2013 World Champion men's 45 singles
- Dates: 29 April - 6 May
- Venue: Antalya, Turkey

- Dates: 23-30 April
- Venue: Durban, South Africa

- Dates: 2-9 April
- Venue: Perth, Australia

- Dates: 9-16 May
- Venue: Antalya, Turkey

- Dates: 17-24 August
- Venue: Hannover, Germany

Chris Hearn (GBR) and Brenda Foster (AUS), 2013 50 mixed doubles world champions2002
- Dates: 28 April - 5 May
- Venue: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

- Dates: 16-23 September
- Venue: Velden, Austria

- Dates: 29 October - 5 November
- Venue: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photos (top to bottom): Diane Barker, Taras Beyko, Brenda Foster and Chris Hearn

Credit: Srdjan Stevanovic


The 2014 dates and venues for both the team and individual competitions are listed below.

Seniors World Individual Championships
- Dates: 27 April-4 May
- Venue: Florida, USA
- Surface: Outdoor clay

Super-Seniors World Team Championships
- Dates: 13-18 October
- Venue: Antalya, Turkey
- Surface: Outdoor clay

Super-Seniors World Individual Championships
- Dates: 19-26 October
- Venue: Antalya, Turkey
- Surface: Outdoor clay


The 2014 Seniors World Championships will be held at Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, USA from 21-26 April for the Team Competition and 27 April to 4 May for the Individual Competition:

2014 Seniors World Championships

The 2014 Super-Seniors World Championships will be held at in Antalya, Turkey from 13-18 October for the Team Competition and 19-26 October for the Individual Competition:

2014 Super-Seniors World Championships

The 2015 and 2016 World Championship Events have been split into Young Seniors, Seniors and Super-Seniors categories. All the dates and venues are listed here:

2015 and 2016 World Championships