The 2007 ITF Seniors World Individual Championships took place on 29 April - 6 May in Antalya, Turkey.

The champions in each age category are listed below, or click the link to view the full results and drawsheets from the tournament.

- Results and drawsheets   


- Men's singles: Juan-Luis Rascon-Lope (ESP)
- Men's doubles: Axel Finnberg (GER) / Christian Schaffkes (GER)

- Women's singles: Noelia Perez (ESP)
- Women's doubles: Mary Dailey (USA) / Anne Degioanni (FRA)


- Men's singles: Franck Fevrier (FRA)
- Men's doubles: Manfred Hundstorfer (AUT) / Bart Theelen (NED)

- Women's singles: Klaartje Van Baarle (BEL)
- Women's doubles: Lesley O'Halloran (IRL) / Olga Shaposhnikova (RUS)


- Men's singles: Val Wilder (USA)
- Men's doubles: Mike Fedderly (USA) / Val Wilder (USA)

- Women's singles: Carin Bakkum (NED)
- Women's doubles: Mary Dailey (USA) / Diane Fishburne (USA)


- Men's singles: Daniel Waldman (USA)
- Men's doubles: Bruce Osborne (AUS) / Wayne Pascoe (AUS)

- Women's singles: Diane Fishburne (USA)
- Women's doubles: Robin Harris (USA) / Carolyn Nichols (USA)


- Men's singles: Andrew Rae (AUS)
- Men's doubles: Neal Newman (USA) / Larry Turville (USA)

- Women's singles: Nora Blom (NED)
- Women's doubles: Elizabeth Allan (AUS) / Kerry Ballard (AUS)


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- 2008 Antalya, Turkey

- 2007 Antalya, Turkey

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  • Helen Worland and Adrienne Avis (AUS), W55 doubles runners-up Yvonne der Kinderen and Patricia Van Steen, W40 doubles runners-up
  • Razvan Itu and Abdul Rahman Shehab, M35 doubles bronze medallists Olga Shaposhnikova (RUS) and Lesley O Halloran (IRL), W40 doubles winners
  • M45 doubles gold and silver medallists Carolyn Nichols and Robin Harris, W50 doubles winners
  • Larry Turville and Neal Newman (USA), M55 doubles winners Diane Fishburne and Mary Dailey, W45 doubles winners
  • Axel Finnberg and Christian Schaeffkes (GER), M35 doubles winners Bart Theelen (NED) and Manfred Hundstorfer (AUT), M40 doubles winners
  • Elizabeth Allan and Kerry Ballard (AUS), W55 doubles winners Anne Degioanni (FRA) and Mary Dailey (USA), W35 doubles winners