21 Nov 2012

Women's 85 age category introduced for 2013

News Article

Photo: Paul ZimmerHelene Salvetat (FRA)

A women’s 85 age category will be included on the ITF Seniors Circuit for the first time in 2013 with singles, doubles and a mixed doubles event in this age category.

This means eleven age categories are now offered on the ITF Seniors Circuit, ranging from men's and women's 35 to 85 and brings the number of women’s age categories offered on the ITF Seniors Circuit in line with the men.

The 2013 Super-Seniors World Individual Championships held in Austria in September will include women’s 85 singles, doubles and an 85 mixed doubles event for the first time.

Luca Santilli, Head of Juniors and Seniors Tennis at the ITF, said: “It is extremely pleasing for the ITF to be able to introduce the women’s 85 age category in the ITF Seniors Circuit, including the World Individual Championships, from 2013 onwards. We have worked hard to achieve this objective and as a result I have no doubt that more and more women will be motivated to play and stay longer in our sport.”