03 Oct 2012

TSQ Claycourt Seniors Championships

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TSQ Claycourt Championships

IPSWICH, QUEENSLAND: 102 players competed in the 2nd ITF TSQ Claycourt Championships. players came from the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and New South Wales as well as home state Queensland to play on the beautiful 12 claycourts at the George Alder Tennis Centre at Ipswich.

All matches were played at the venue and players were extremely delighted with the claycourts, considering they were completely washed away last year in the January floods.

Special thanks go to Leon, Ellie and the ground staff at the centre for having the courts in perfect condition each day.

Thanks also to the players for attending and hopefully this tourney can grow bigger and better each year. Former Pro Circuit players Peter Doohan from Nelson Bay in NSW played down an age group and won the 45 Mens Singles, Wayne Cowley from Melbourne also dropped down an age group and won the 50 Mens Singles. TSA President Reg Trevaskis and TSA Secretary Pat Moloney also competed in the tournament.

Wendy Gilchrist (60 Womens Singles winner) and Max Bates(60 Mens Singles winner) used the event as serious practice on clay before heading off to Umag for the world Championships.

TSQ Tournament Director Gail Bates and Referee Moya McGirr were again conducting the event assisted by TSQ Secretary Coral Vickers and husband Nev - thanks to all for your ongoing devotion and work for the Seniors movement in Queensland and Australia.

The weather was cool but slightly breezy at times and play was not held up by the weather and the event ran smoothly.  Full results can be seen on www.92computing.com.au

Gail Bates

TSQ Tournament Director