27 Jun 2012

Players treated to Portugal's oldest wine cellars

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Port Wine - Wines of Portugal

PORTO, PORTUGAL; Taking place at the Clube de Ténis do Porto, the biggest club in Porto City. This venue has 6 outdoor and 4 indoor red clay as well as 2 hard courts outdoor.

Previously, the club has been used to stage other events such as 15.000 USD men's tournaments and 10.000 USD Women's tournaments.

In addition to the tennis, players were also treated to an official dinner on the Saturday evening with traditional Cuban singing and dancing.

Winners Mens Singles

35s:  Henrique Assis

50s:  Jose A. Pereira

55s:  Vitor Pereira

60s: Mario Borges-Coelho 

Winner Mens Doubles

35s:  Vasco Costa/Pedro Guimaraes

45s:  Joao Calheiros Lobo/Jose A. Pereira

Womens Singles

35s:  Brigitte Bocken-Jacob

Winners Mixed doubles

35s: Amandio Candido Monteiro Mendes Bailao/Brigitte Bocken-Jacob