20 Sep 2012

Final Standings of the 2012 Super-Seniors World Team Championships

News Article

Photo: Ray GiubiloRosemarie Asch (CAN)

The Super-Seniors World Team Championships took place 10-15 September in Umag and Novigrad, Croatia.

The final standings of each cup is shown in the PDF documents below.

Full draws and detaield results for each cup are shown in links and on the PDF Draw Overview documents below.

Von Cramm Cup (M60), Alice Marble Cup (W60) and Doris Hart Cup (W80)

Althea Gibson Cup (W70)

Britannia Cup (M65) and Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80)

Jack Crawford Cup (M70), Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) and Queen's Cup (W75)

Kitty Godfree Cup (W65)

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