25 Mar 2013

Final results - Seniors World Individual Championships

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Photo: Srdjan StevanovicEoin Collins (USA)

The ITF Seniors World Individual Championships, the highest-ranked event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players aged 35-55, took place in Antalya, Turkey from 24-31 March.

With singles, doubles and mixed doubles events taking place - and all offering all-important ranking points -  plus a consolation draw for singles first round losers, the 2013 event was keenly fought from start to finish.

Please find the complete results from the week's various individual events below.

For further information, please contact the ITF office on: seniors@itftennis.com.

ITF Seniors World Individual Championships, Antalya - Final results

Men’s 35 Singles
Ladislav Svarc (SVK) d. Roberto Menendez Ferre (ESP) 61 26 63

Men’s 35 Doubles
Marc Leimbach/Matthias Mueller (GER) d. Daniel Dolbea/Mark Joachim (GER) 10 ret.

Men’s 40 Singles
Arnaud Magnin (FRA) d. Bart Beks (NED) 75 60

Men’s 40 Doubles
Bart Beks/Marcus Hilpert (NED) d. Jens-Christopher Bloemeke/Ingo Herzgerodt (GER) 63 64

Men’s 45 Singles
Taras Beyko (CAN) d. Enrico Casadei (ITA) 64 61

Men’s 45 Doubles
Marc Brix (GER)/Scott Works (USA) d. Massimo Cudini/Luca Vigani (ITA) 61 64

Men’s 50 Singles
Alessio Frontespezi (ITA) d. Alain Moracchini (FRA) 64 46 61

Men’s 50 Doubles
Chris Hearn (GBR)/Jacques Hervet (FRA) d. Simon Arms (AUS)/Karl Pansy (AUT) 46 63 10-7

Men’s 55 Singles
Daniel Waldman (USA) d. Javier Molina Ramos (ESP) 63 62

Men’s 55 Doubles
Wesley Cash/Mark Vines (USA) d. Mike Tammen/Daniel Waldman (USA) 64 63

Women’s 35 Singles
Annette Zweck (GER) d. Patricia Zerdan (USA) 46 75 75

Women’s 35 Doubles
Stefanie Kolar/Annette Zweck (GER) d. Dedri Prinsloo/Lindi Prinsloo (RSA) 63 60

Women’s 40 Singles
Sandrine Testud (FRA) d. Ana Salas-Lozano (ESP) 61 61

Women’s 40 Doubles
Piret Ilves (EST)/Mari-Liis Parmas (FIN) d. Elisabetta Morici (ITA)/Sandrine Testud (FRA) 16 63 11-9

Women’s 45 Singles
Marie-Christine Calleja (FRA) d. Lesley O’Halloran (IRL) 76(6) 64

Women’s 45 Doubles
Lesley O’Halloran (IRL)/Olga Shaposhnikova (GER) d. Petra Dobusch (GER)/Sandra Hopfner (SUI) 63 60

Women’s 50 Singles
Ingrid Gutmann-Resch (AUT) d. Simonetta Bozzano (ITA) 62 62

Women’s 50 Doubles
Ros Balodis/Leanne Swaysland (AUS) d. Brenda Foster/Helen Webb (AUS) 61 61

Women’s 55 Singles
Diane Barker (USA) d. Ros Balodis (AUS) 61 61

Women’s 55 Doubles
Tina Karwasky/Susan Wright (USA) d. Carolyn Nichols/Patricia Purcell (USA) 62 46 10-4

Mixed 35 Doubles
Annette Zweck/Matthias Mueller (GER) d. Karen Kleverlaan/Chris O’Mara (AUS) 64 64

Mixed 40 Doubles
Sandrine Testud/Benoit Halle (FRA) d. Lettica Venter/Bruce Young (RSA) 63 63

Mixed 45 Doubles
Karen Seele/Matthias Mueller-Seele (GER) d. Lesley O’Halloran (IRL)/Bart Theelen (NED) 76(3) 26 10-7

Mixed 50 Doubles
Brenda Foster (AUS)/Chris Hearn (GBR) d. Mary Dailey/Ken White (USA) 46 62 10-8

Mixed 55 Doubles
Susana Maria Villaverde (SUI)/Pierre Godfroid (BEL) d. Elna Botha/Piet Van Blerk (RSA) 60 64