10 Aug 2012

Chiasso to host its inaugural ITF Senior Circuit event

News Article

ITF Seniors Chiasso & Morbio

Entries are now open for the first  ITF Seniors Chiasso & Morbio event which is scheduled to take place from 17-23 September 2012.

The hosts for the Grade 5 event are Tennis Club Chiasso & Tennis Club Morbio located in the very southern part of Switzerland close to the Italian border and not far from the site of another Grade 5 event that is held in Lugano.

The tournament is being held on outdoor red clay.

The event will include men's singles draws in every category between over 35 and over 55 inclusive as well as women's singles from over 40 to over 55 with an entry fee of CHF 80.

There are surprise gifts to be awarded to both the winner and runner-up in each event donated by the event sponsors.