Seniors IPIN (International Player Identification Number) provides the first step in the digitalisation of the ITF Seniors Circuit, with online entries launched in November 2011 for all tournaments from 2012 onwards. All players must register for a Seniors IPIN to play ITF Seniors Circuit events.

The introduction of Seniors IPIN has also allowed the launch of weekly ITF Seniors World Rankings for singles, doubles and mixed doubles, while daily tournament results will be available on the ITF Seniors website:

- ITFtennis.com/Seniors 

The registration process is extremely simple, with players following a set of online instructions. Seniors IPIN membership is an annual fee of US $25. The IPIN website is available in English, Spanish and French:

- ITFtennis.com/IPIN 

The PDFs below provide a step-by-step guide to help you register with Seniors IPIN.