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From Breakpoint to Advantage – a practical guide to optimal tennis health and performance.
By Babette Pluim, M.D., Ph.D, and Marc Safran, M.D.
Published by USRSA/RacquetTech PublishingBreakpoint to Advantage
ISBN: 0972275916

Muscle imbalance, microtrauma, insufficient recovery, and biomechanical compensations are among the top health risks that tennis players encounter when competing and practicing too much.

This guide to playing healthy tennis offers descriptions and illustrations of the physical complexity of every tennis motion, demonstrating the astonishing array of potential injuries threatening the unprepared player.

Optimal performance and reduced risk of injury are the key goals to attain for tennis players who adhere to the training program, proper nutrition, and equipment selection recommendations provided within this sports medicine manual.

Consideration is also given to the specific physical risks that junior, senior, female, and wheelchair athletes may encounter. Healthy tennis topics include:

- Injury prevention and rehabilitation.

- Descriptions, symptoms, and treatments for all tennis injuries and ailments.

- Stroke mechanics and injury.

- Training programs for flexibility, balance, stabilization, and strength.

- Proper nutrition and fuel for the tennis body.

- Equipment selection for health and performance.

- Issues of interest including overtraining, doping, and traveling.


Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science TENNIS
Edited by Per A.F.H. Renström, M.D., Ph.D.Handbook of Tennis
Published by Blackwell Science
ISBN 0632050349

This IOC Medical Commission publication on the medicine and science of tennis provides a valuable reference book for players at all levels of competition.

The aim of the handbook is to provide all tennis players, their coaches and the associated health care personnel with an authoritative reference in which basic information is described in a clear format concerning common injuries and medical problems that can be sustained during tennis play.

The available information in this book can then aid them in considering what kind of immediate, short-term or long-term treatment is available, leading to the decision as to the necessity of consulting a medical doctor.