Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. As we struggle to overcome the current obesity epidemic and the problems of a sedentary lifestyle prevalent in the western world, tennis, if played regularly, has the ability to confer health benefits in a number of different areas:

- Reduction in the risk of heart disease e.g. atherosclerosis and heart attacks
- Improved level of fitness
- Efficient means of controlling body weight
- Positive effect on cholesterol and other harmful fats
- Blood sugar control in type II diabetics
- Muscle, tendon and ligament strengthening
- Enhanced bone density and reduced the risk of osteoporosis
- Lower injury risk compared to most other sports
- Positive psychological benefits, e.g. improved concentration and sense of wellbeing
- Overall improvement in quality of life
- Improved co-ordination and balance, which can reduce the risk of falls
- Enhancement of social skills and teamwork

These benefits have been shown through a number of well controlled scientific studies and demonstrate the broad appeal of tennis as a sport, with the ability to enhance the global fitness and wellbeing of individuals of all ages.

So why are you waiting? Pick up a racket and ball today!