Anaerobic Endurance Tests

Tennis-Specific Agility Endurance Test


- The aim of this test is to measure the ability of a tennis player to be able to consistently repeat bursts of high intensity court movement throughout an entire match.


- Masking tape, measuring tape, stopwatch and tennis court.


1. The player begins at the centre mark on the baseline. Upon the ‘go’ command of the coach, the player sprints forwards to the net to touch a cone with the hand. The player then returns back again to the starting position whilst keeping an eye on the opponent and ball at the other end.

2. The second sprint is to the right singles sideline. Again a cone is placed at the intersection of the singles sideline and baseline for the players to touch. Players should simulate footwork positions when they touch each cone and always return to the starting position.

3. Thirdly, the player proceeds to the short diagonal to the right side, which is the service line and the singles sideline and again touches a cone before returning back to the starting position at the centre mark on the baseline.

4. This is repeated to the left side – short diagonal.

5. Finally the player sprints past the left singles sideline and the coach stops the stopwatch and records the time.

6. Player can then rest for 20 seconds precisely.

7. The player then repeats the above exercise a total of five times with a recovery period of 20 seconds between each repetition.


- All five times are recorded and the difference between the best result and worst result is expressed as a percentage decrement (i.e. the difference/best x 100).