Aerobic Endurance Tests

Multistage Fitness Test


- To measure aerobic power. The test is particularly useful for tennis players because the movements used are similar to tennis with respect to the stop, start and change of direction movement patterns and can be easily administered with a squad or team simultaneously. 


- Multistage Fitness Test/20m Shuttle Run Test – compact disc (CD) and CD player. Measure the 20m distance and mark it clearly with cones.


1. Allow the players to warm-up by running and perfoming light stretching.

2. Ensure that the players listen carefully to the instructions on the CD.

3. The test begins at Level 1 following a brief explanation on the CD

4. The CD emits a single bleep at regular intervals. A player should try to be at the opposite end of the 20m track by the time the next bleep sounds. After each minute, the time interval between bleeps will decrease, so that the running speed will need to be increased. The first running speed is referred to as Level 1, the second speed as Level 2 etc. Each level lasts approximately one minute and the CD continues up to Level 21. The end of each shuttle is denoted by a single bleep, the end of each level is denoted by a triple bleep and by the commentator on the CD.

5. The player needs to place one foot on or behind the 20m mark at the sound of each bleep. Players who fail to reach the line at the sound of the bleep will receive a warning that they will be eliminated if they are not at the opposite end of the 20m track at the sound of the next bleep.

6. When near exhaustion, players falling short of the 20m line twice in succession have their test terminated and their score recorded. Their score is their level and number of shuttles immediately previous to the bleep on which they were eliminated.


Current testing at the Australian Institute of Sport has found more applicable results for intermittent sports such as tennis, are able to be obtained doing the test over 10 meters and thus a player should turn twice within one bleep.