27 Feb 2006

ITF Pro Circuit meets... Victor Crivoi

Text Interview

Victor Crivoi, finalist at CZE F5

Victor Crivoi, winner of seven titles on the ITF Professional Circuit during 2005.

Victor is 23 years old and from Romania. His tennis career dates back to 1999, when he played in his first ITF Junior Circuit event, before progressing rapidly onto the Futures and Satellite Circuit. In 2005, Crivoi won six titles in his home country of Romania- F1, F3, F8, F10, F16 and F17, plus Turkey F1. He took until May to win his first tournament of the year, but then came into an impressive run of form.

He played a total of twenty-three Futures tournaments during 2005. At eleven of those he also participated in the doubles competition, but never got further than the semi-finals. He also played in the Turkey Satellite, in singles and doubles, in two Challengers and one International Series event where he received a Wild Card. These all took place in Romania.

Victor started the year with an ATP ranking of 488, but by the end of the year had moved up 219 places to finish the year on 269.

Coincidentally, the player who won the most titles in 2004 was also called Victor, and was also from Romania: Victor Ionita.

We asked Victor some questions, and the answers to these are found below:

At what age did you start playing tennis?
I started playing at 13, with my coach Munteanu Claudiu and he is still coaching me now, ten years later.

Where do you live? City, country?
I live in Bucharest, Romania and this is also where I practice and train.

Favourite court surface?
Clay. In Romania, I didn't have the opportunity to play on every court surface.

Who was your tennis idol when you started playing tennis?
Pete Sampras. For me, he still is my tennis idol.

Which is your favourite grand Slam?
The Australian Open. But I have not had a chance to play in all the Grand Slams..... yet!

Career highlight so far?
Winning some Futures in Romania and maintaining my good results in Spain in 2006

For you, what is the best aspect about playing on the Pro Circuit?
To be able to play tennis for a living is great. I get to travel a lot and see the world and I meet lots of different people. All of this is a great expreience for me to have in my life.

What is the worst aspect about playing on the Pro Circuit?
Playing tennis gives me little time for my personal life. I am playing tournaments for at least 8 months of the year, meaning I am away from my family for long periods of time.

What was your inspiration for starting to play tennis?
I started playing tennis for fun, and this has led to playing on the Pro Circuit. I want to see how far I can get with my tennis career, earn as much money as possible, but have fun while doing it.

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite film?
The Butterfly Effect and Meet Joe Black

What is your favourite music group?
My favourite group is Blue, but I am always listening out for new music.

What are your hobbies?
Girls!...Only joking. When I have some spare time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and playing pool.

What is your favourite football team?
I am not a big football fan, but I do like Barcelona and also support Steaua Bucharest, my local team in Romania.

What is your favourite food?
I like all kinds of food. In fact, I would say eating is one of my favourite hobbies!

Victor attributes much of his success to his fitness trainer, Remus Crisan, who worked with him a lot from the age of 18. Without Remus, Victor is not sure he would still be playing tennis today.

Victor has started off well in 2006. He won his first Futures event of the year- Spain F6 in Murcia and reached the semi finals the following week in Cartagena.

Can he build on his success in 2005?
Will he again be a contender for the title leader in 2006?