08 May 2012

ITF Pro Circuit meets... Jennifer Elie

Text Interview

Jennifer Elie (USA)

Winner of her first career ITF Pro Circuit singles titles, we caught up with the 25-year-old to find out more about the young American


ITF Pro Circuit : Can you tell us where were you born and maybe describe the area where you grew up?

Jennifer Elie : I was born in Brooklyn, NY, lived in Orzone Park for a little bit was an ok area I remember the people on our block being really nice


ITF Pro Circuit : Do any other members of your family play sport?

Jennifer Elie: My father, Kerner Elie played tennis a little bit on tour and in college


ITF Pro Circuit : So how did you get started in tennis? How old were you? Where did you first play?

Jennifer Elie: My dad started me with tennis when I was 5, I first played at Alleypond Park


ITF Pro Circuit : What can you tell us about your current coach?

Jennifer Elie: My dad is my current coach and I can tell you he is a patient man and very supportive and tells me what I need to hear to keep my head in the game, and I am kinda lucky that my dad knows tennis.


ITF Pro Circuit : Who were/are your tennis idols?

Jennifer Elie: I love Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Venus and Serena


ITF Pro Circuit : What is your greatest tennis memory from watching tennis?

Jennifer Elie: Agassi and Pete every match they played was amazing


ITF Pro Circuit : Congratulations are in order for winning your first ITF Pro Circuit singles titles, how does that feel?

Jennifer Elie: I feel excited, I feel like I am not done yet there is more I want to do


ITF Pro Circuit : Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced on court?

Jennifer Elie: That’s a hard question because everybody you play is tough, you can’t underestimate anybody


ITF Pro Circuit : In your opinion, what would you say are the best and worst aspects of being a professional tennis player?

Jennifer Elie: In my opinion I would say not having money is the worst thing because it’s hard to focus in your matches sometimes when you are thinking ‘how am I going to eat tonight?’ or ‘how am I going to get to the next tournament?’ and there are a lot of us girls out there that go through that and some that don’t succeed because of it.  The best thing is the travelling and the competing, meeting new people and different cultures.


ITF Pro Circuit : So far in your career, what has been the nicest venue that you played at?

Jennifer Elie: There are a few nice ones it’s hard to pick I will have to say Saint Malo, France


ITF Pro Circuit : What has been the most bizarre venue that you played at?

Jennifer Elie: That’s hard to say as well because even the weird places are still tolerable


ITF Pro Circuit : What is the best experience that you had on the ITF Pro Circuit?

Jennifer Elie: Winning my first two titles back-to-back and my parents, my sister and cousins being there to watch me!


ITF Pro Circuit : Which player(s) are you friends with?

Jennifer Elie: I have a lot of friends, Sesil Karatancheva, Ahsha and Tiya Rolle, Whitney Jones, Asia Muhammad, Jamea Jackson, Shenay Perry, Angela Haynes, Julia Glushko, Lauren Albanese, Britney Augustine, Lena Litvak, Christina Mchale, Gail Brodsky, Amanda Fink, Michaela Johannson, Alex Cannizzaro, Olivia Rogowska, Isabella Holland, Sally Peers, Marcela and Flavinha Bueno and many more...


ITF Pro Circuit : How do players relationships with each other compare on the ITF Pro Circuit to other tournaments you have played?

Jennifer Elie: I haven’t really played other tournaments just ITF Pro Circuit and ITF Juniors and the relationships were both the same since I still have a lot of the same friends from juniors to pro's


ITF Pro Circuit : How has playing on the ITF Pro Circuit helped you as a player?

Jennifer Elie: It has helped me become more competitive, a better fighter, it’s helped me focus better and to handle losses.


ITF Pro Circuit : Would you recommend that top juniors play the ITF Pro Circuit?

Jennifer Elie: Yes I would


ITF Pro Circuit : What aspect of another player’s game do you most envy?

Jennifer Elie: Maybe the big serve


ITF Pro Circuit : Speaking of other players (past & present), whose attributes would you take to create your own female super player?



Whitney Jones

Return of serve

Lauren Albanese


Ahsha Rolle


Sesil Karatancheva


Taylor Townsend


Jamea Jackson

Speed on court

Shenay Perry


Michaela Johannson

Fighting spirit

Amanda Fink


Angela Haynes


ITF Pro Circuit : If you could only have one Grand Slam title, which would you choose?

Jennifer Elie: US Open hands down!


ITF Pro Circuit : What has been the best piece of advice you have been given?

Jennifer Elie: You’re a good player so believe in yourself


ITF Pro Circuit : Away from the tennis court do you have any other interests?

Jennifer Elie: I love to get my hair done and listen to music, watch movies and hang out with friends and family


ITF Pro Circuit : Do you have a favourite holiday destination?

Jennifer Elie: Spain


ITF Pro Circuit : If you had not become a tennis player what career path would you have liked to have followed?

Jennifer Elie: Lawyer


ITF Pro Circuit : Finally, have you set yourself any goals for 2012?

Jennifer Elie: To be top 100 by the end of the year


ITF Pro Circuit : Thanks for your time.