ITF Pro Circuit

Minimum Officiating Requirements for ITF Pro-Circuit tournaments

Information regarding the minimum officiating requirements for ITF Pro Circuit tournaments is available to download at the bottom of this page.

The ITF Pro Circuit Officiating Proposal forms can be downloaded from here.

These officiating requirements are the minimum standards for ITF Pro-Circuit Circuit tournaments.

National Associations that wish to supply a higher certification level of official, or more officials, than the minimum requirements are encouraged to do so.

Any request for these officiating requirements to be waived should be made to ITF Officiating at least sixty (60) days prior to the tournament.

Please contact us by email at:


Minimum Recommended Fees for Officials working ITF events

Tournament organisers must pay a fee and provide full hospitality (hotel and meals) for the ITF Supervisor and Designated Chair Umpires, and cover their travel costs.

Since the cost of living varies so much in different countries around the world and exchange rates change regularly, we encourage National Associations to make agreements on a national basis in local currency with the officials regarding their fees paid.

Information regarding the minimum officiating fees for Officials is available to below.

Please note: These fees are regarded by the ITF as minimum levels and is the Gross amount to be paid (before their income tax and any other deductions are subtracted from their pay). In many countries around the world actual fees paid are considerably more and are agreed with the tournament director.