Live scoring

Live Scoring on the ITF Pro Circuit

ITF is excited to announce that from July 2013 a live scoring service will be in operation across the ITF Pro Circuit. Individual tournaments will be provided with the service, which will operate through the use of Chair Umpire-controlled handheld electronic scoring devices, similar to those used at other major events (Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Tour tournaments etc).

The majority of tournaments on the Circuit will receive this service and where it is in operation all umpired matches will be scored electronically. Scores entered by the Chair Umpire will be transmitted wirelessly (the system requires no wired connections at the umpireā€™s chair) via a mobile internet or WiFi connection and displayed on tournament, National Association and ITF websites.

The scoring system, which has been in development since mid-2012, is currently being tested at selected ITF Pro Circuit tournaments. Feedback from officials that have used the system has been extremely positive, with its simplicity highlighted as a standout feature. Testing will continue through March and April, thereafter, a gradual roll-out of the system is intended prior to the official launch at tournaments commencing 1 July 2013. Written scorecards will continue to be used until the scoring system has been launched and where it cannot be provided in the future.

Use of electronic scoring devices at Circuit tournaments will be a new requirement for Chair Umpires and in many cases a new skill to learn. ITF is keen to use the time in advance of the roll-out of the system to educate officials about how the scoring application actually works so that they are familiar with it prior to using it at tournaments. Accordingly, an online (internet) training programme/tool is now available that allows officials to use a demo version of the scoringĀ application on a computer or laptop. Instructions about how to access and use the online training tool are available on the ITF Officiating Portal and downloadable user guidelines explain and demonstrate the features of the scoring application.

While development and testing of the system continues however, further support for the online training will be minimal and officials should use the materials provided to help answer any questions.

Further information about the roll-out of the scoring system and about the system itself, will be provided in due course.

Should you have any queries please contact the ITF Live Scoring team by emailing