I'm interested in becoming a tennis official. How can I get involved and who do I need to contact?

The first stage in the process of training to become a tennis official is to attend a National Level School in your own country.

These Schools are organised through National Associations and give a basic introduction to tennis officiating. For details about these Schools, please contact your National Association.

After you have attended and hopefully passed the National Level School, there should be opportunities for you to start officiating at local and national tennis events.

From here, you will be able to build up your officiating experience.

How much do tennis officials get paid?

There are a number of factors which affect the amount of money an Official might get paid.

For ITF Tournaments we have some minimum recommended fees according to the type of event an Official is working.

Since the cost of living varies so much in different countries around the world and exchange rates change regularly, we encourage National Associations to make agreements on a national basis in local currency with the officials regarding the fees paid for officials.

Some examples are below:


US$ 50,000 and above:

Supervisor: US$ 1700 *
International Chair Umpire: US$ 825 *
White Badge Chair Umpire: US$ 550 *

US$ 10,000-25,000:

Supervisor: US$ 1100 *
International Chair Umpire: US$ 750 *
White Badge Chair Umpire: US$ 550 *

* These fees are regarded by the ITF as minimum levels and is the Gross amount to be paid (before their income tax and any other deductions are subtracted from their pay). In many countries around the world actual fees paid are considerably more and are agreed with the tournament organiser.

How do I know I am doing a good job as an Official?

At most tournaments an official has the opportunity to be evaluated.

A more experienced official is responsible for evaluating your performance and providing constructive feedback to help you improve.

These evaluations will help in your continuing education throughout your career.

The ITF, ATP and WTA use one common evaluation form at all professional tournaments for Chair Umpires, Referees and Chief Umpires.

All evaluations are reviewed and are used in determining an official’s certification and in selecting officials for schools and tournaments.


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